Education is the key in my own life to success, and the way to tap into the potential in life for all, to reach children where they are and reveal their best. The more I learned, the more I could share with my family and community.

Education allowed me success from meager means and to understand diversity, injustice, other cultures, and how to solve problems.

Whatever circumstances children come from, we need to prepare them the best we can for their future.


I have been fortunate to have good insurance my whole working life, but healthcare and prescription costs are unreasonable, and it's an injustice. Our healthcare system used to be first in the world, but it's inaccessible and unaffordable to too many of us. We need to change that.

Justice for all

The unequal treatment applied to women and minorities must stop. We need to value the contributions of everyone. We need a level playing field with the same standards applied to all. Our laws and institutions need to reflect that, incorporating equality and justice for all.